Ceramic Screws standard

Ceramic Machine Screws Metric

We are making metric machine screws from ceramics, Alumina and Zirconia.

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KDA is making metric machine screws and nuts from ceramics.

Metric machine screws and nuts are most commonly used in many fiedls all over the world.

We standardized metric type ceramics machine screws and nuts. Their styles are 6 types as above, Hexagon bolts, Pan head screws, Pan head gas hole screws, Hexagon Socket head cap bolts, Flat Countersunk head screws and Hexagon Nuts.

All types cover most basically ceramics materials, Alumina (Al2O3; Aluminium Oxide) and Zirconia (ZrO2; Zirconium). Their sizes are from M1.4 to M10, and each of them has suitable lengths of thread.

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