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Alumina (Aluminium Oxide)Uses

Uses and Products of Alumina ceramics

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Typical oxide-based ceramics most widely used in the industry

alumina image
  • Substance nameAlumina (Aluminium Oxide)
  • Chemical formula Al2O3
  • NotesLeft photo is white powder of alumina.


Uses of Alumina ceramics

Industrial Machinery parts, Manufacturing equipment parts

Abrasion resistance (No friction wear like metal)
Nozzle, Bobbin, Pump parts, Sliding parts, Mechanical sealing, Bearing, Grinding machine parts etc.

Chemical stability (Hard to corrode)
Manufacturing equipment parts of Semiconductor, Liquid crystal panel, Solar panel. Transport arm, Corrosive liquid piping member, Valve, Pump parts, Nozzle etc.

High stiffness, High precision (Flatness, Parallelism, no Deflection)
Manufacturing equipment precision parts of Semiconductor, Liquid crystal panel, Solar panel. X-Y table.

Heat resistant parts

Crucible, Exhaust gas treatment equipment, Refractory etc.

Various electrical equipment parts (Electrical insulation)

Semiconductor substrates, Various electrical equipment insulation parts, etc.

Medical parts (Biocompatibility)

Dental implant parts, Medical bone joint parts, etc.

Photos of Alumina ceramics

  • Alumina devaice case

    Electronic device case
    Electric insulation, chemical resistance.

  • Alumina food mashine parts

    Extrusion port of food machine
    Heat resistant, Abrasive resistant

  • Alumina sensor parts

    Sensor parts
    Heat/Chemical resistance.

  • Alumina parts

    Spinning machine parts
    Abration resistance.

  • Alumina structural parts

    Parts for LCD manufacturing equipment
    Heat/Chemical resistance.

  • Ceramic screws

    Ceramic screws
    Heat/Chemical resistance.

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