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Comparing with other materials, how is the ceramics?

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Comparing with metals and plastics often used as industrial materials, what kind of materials can we say ceramics?

Ceramics' Strong / Weak points.

Generally spoken that ceramics are "new materials", but has been older than metals and plastics in the fact. The use of pottery, the beginning of ceramics, is 17,000 years ago. However, what is the reason that using ceramics is less than metals' and plastics', especially on industrial fields?

For example, the strong points are superior "Heat resistance", "Abrasion resistance", "Chemical resistance" etc than other materials. On the other hand, the maximum weak point is "Fragility". That is Ceramics is weak against mechanical or thermal shock, therefore the using is so hard in comparison with other materials.

But recently, new ceramics have been developed to overcome such these weakness.

At this page, comparing general properties of metals, plastics and ceramics.

The relative comparison of materials' properties (metals, plastics and ceramics).

  Ceramics Plastics Metals
Melting (Fusion) Point High Low Medium
Heat resistance High Low Medium
Thermal conductivity Medium Low High
Electric conductivity Bad Bad Good
Shock resistance (Mechanical) Bad Good Good
Shock resistance (Thermal) Bad Good Good
Chemical resistance Good Good Bad
Hardness High Low Medium
Abration resistance Large Small Medium
Molding processability Bad Good Good
Lightness Medium Large Small

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